PalletPal OP

Posted by Southworth Products (booth # S3431)

Summary of Innovation

Pallet load levelers have been around for about 30 years making the task of manually loading and unloading pallets faster, safer and easier. High-rise order picker trucks have been around for as many years. The problem most order picker trucks put the pallet at the operator's feet; level with the operator's platform. This requires bending reaching with each item picked or placed. Back breaking work, very poor ergonomics, fatigue and high risk of injury. PalletPal OP fits onto the forks of an order picker and positions the pallet to the correct ergonomic height and the convenience of the operator.

Innovation Statement

The PalletPal Op positions the pallet for automatically for level loading which eliminate bending and the turntable allows the operator to spun the pallet to eliminate reaching out. It make the job faster, safer and easier.


It fits onto all brands (Crown, Raymond, Yale, Toyota, etc.)with no modifications required and there is no installation. The truck automatically clamps onto the PalletPal OP


Posted Date 1/15/19
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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