Robotic Store Replenishment System

Posted by Berkshire Grey Inc. (booth # S3341)

Summary of Innovation

Berkshire Grey's Robotic Store Replenishment (RSR) System is a complete, self-contained solution that is capable of picking hundreds of thousands of different individual items to create store-bound orders. The solution uses customized commercial industrial robots and a battery of vision, sensing, gripping, and machine learning technologies combined with robust software and engineered infrastructure that conveys inventory totes to the robotic pick cell and finished orders to downstream shipping processes. The number and size of the outbound order containers is configurable based on the order profiles of the customer. Additionally, multiple RSRs can be deployed and operated as a single coordinated system within a facility to achieve the necessary scale for any size operation.
The RSR enables sustained robotic item picking and continuous order fulfillment that integrates with conveyor based, ASRS based and/or manual tote storage processes and equipment. The core software comes with predefined APIs for seamless integration with customers' existing warehouse management systems. The solution is modular and typically takes less than 2 weeks to install at a customer facility.

Innovation Statement

Berkshire Grey's Robotic Store Replenishment (RSR) System provides robotic picking that is unmatched in speed, reliability, and breadth of pickable products.

The RSR is a complete solution that incorporates all the technologies (both hardware and software) required to pick real items at rates that provide ROI for customers, and it plugs into customers' existing operations with minimal disruption.

The RSR can pick hundreds of thousands of items on day one of operation, it learns on its own to pick items it has never handled before, and its performance and speed at the individual item handling level improves over time due to the machine learning that is core to our AI-enabled software.


Any company that needs to pick items, eachs, inner packs and small cases that are packaged in boxes, polybags, clamshells, bottles, blister packs, and even many types of unpackaged items regardless of the product categories from apparel to electronics to general merchandise to health and beauty products can use Berkshire Grey's RSR System for lights-out robotic order picking today.


Posted Date 1/13/19
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