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Summary of Innovation

The OSR ShuttleTM Evo ASRS solution supports a variety of load sizes, including a mix of totes, trays and cartons. Rack designs can be single, double or triple deep based on the throughput rates and density requirements. Special attention has been paid to component reliability, modularity, performance, and safety - making OSR Shuttle(TM) Evo the most productive, flexible, durable, maintenance friendly and safe design available today.

Unlike other approaches, KNAPP has designed buffer and sequencing capabilities into the system, greatly simplifying and reducing conveyor requirements and complexity - thereby reducing cost, errors and maintenance, while increasing reliability and performance. The modular nature of the Evo design allows clients to merge forward and reserve storage into one seamless solution - reducing complexity, and the cost of touches, moves and added transactions. Best of all, high performance modular workstations and modular approaches to software - allow Evo workstations to be easily added - or changed - for example to reconfigure part or all of a system from automated case handling, to eCommerce order picking.

This newest KNAPP technology can also leverage IoT technology, delivering performance data to cloud based KiSoft Analytics - where KNAPP recently won the prestigious Oracle Excellence Award for driving customer success through the development an outstanding and innovative solution at the site of the first OSR ShuttleTM Evo site, delivered during 2018.

Innovation Statement

OSR ShuttleTM Evo delivers unparalleled benefits to customers needing ASRS functionality for cases, totes and trays; the flexible and modular design allows companies to adjust their mix of traditional case distribution with the rapidly emerging and growing eCommerce and direct-to-consumer sector that has a more typical split case demand. The integrated sequencing aspect of the Evo allows companies to simplify their operations, thereby reducing process steps and complexity, while the basic design allows single (or multiple shuttles) to service one, or multiple aisles, supports a variety of flexible and high performance workstation alternatives – and can allow a firm to start small, scale operations, and quickly add shuttles to ramp rate, or rack to ramp capacity.


True to it's design goals and KNAPPs mantra of "making complexity simple", OSR ShuttleTM Evo meets the industry aspiration to achieve flexibility, scalability, performance and efficiency in automated warehousing ASRS technology; reinforcing the rapid adoption of this technology, over 8000 new shuttles have been installed or ordered by clients since the product launch in early 2018!


Posted Date 1/15/19
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