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Summary of Innovation

redPILOT, may be the most significant new IT application to be introduced in the last decade.
Supply chain operators routinely discuss their top concerns, in an industry where reporting and information is frequently delivered without the necessary time to take corrective action, including:
- Management of resources (systems, personnel, energy, space, material)
- Assessing variable demand factors (order structure, growing SKU range, delivery times)
- Managing the complexity of the distribution center with it's myriad of independently operating variables, fluctuating resources and often, complex automation
- Achieving and exceeding financial and operations performance targets, at the least possible operating cost

Three distinct modules leverage the latest technologies to help supply chain managers plan, operate and improve operations, while achieving significant performance results. Operating much like a GPS satellite navigation system, redPILOT provides an intuitive real time interface and an ideal tool set for supply chain leaders, managers and employees – enabling them to manage operations, reduce costs, increase performance of distribution center resources – and leverage the promise of the high performance, technology enabled, Digital Supply Chain.

Innovation Statement

The redPILOT Control Tower optimizes distribution center daily operations scheduling and available potential in terms of costs and performance. This software helps the operations team find the best resource configuration, create optimal schedules, detect bottlenecks, and make adjustments quickly and in real time when conditions change. Continuous learning occurs based on numbers, data and facts that are generated every operating hour.


The redPILOT Control Tower can be used across channels in general retail, food retail, fashion, apparel, accessories, pharma/healthcare, eCommerce, distribution and fulfillment centers with 50 or more employees, and that typically have more complex intralogistics applications; early adopters have achieved 5% or more reduction in P&L operating cost, as validated by monthly financial reports and 37 sites are now installed or in-progress.

Posted Date 1/15/19
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