WAMAS Lighthouse

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Summary of Innovation

WAMAS® Lighthouse, the intelligent fulfillment dashboard software from SSI SCHAEFER with an included mobile web application. Now, operation managers can keep up with the latest developments within their fulfillment operations regardless of location. Knowing every aspect of a logistics operation is key when achieving excellence in customer satisfaction. With WAMAS Lighthouse users to simply login and receive operation details regarding their fulfillment center.

The new WAMAS Lighthouse allows users to set-up Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for notification. Sensor information and other key data elements are easily set-up for certain parameters that trigger notifications. This is extremely important for both operation managers and maintenance teams alike. Specific triggers within the fulfillment operation gives advance notice of particulars that can increase the bottom line such as material flow performance and knowing the degree of order completion. Visualization of all conveying and picking technologies, error logs, and component availably is a necessity when driving revenue. Getting this data in real-time is key, especially when labor markets are tight and subject matter experts may be located within another facility or out for a day. The application also allows for easy integration with third party providers. The software design truly encompasses an entire fulfillment operation and integrates with all elements within the automation level to the ERP system—giving a holistic operational view. Secure standard and open interfaces are available for third party providers who wish to connect with WAMAS Lighthouse and supports most interfaces such as OPC UA, Web Services, and WebSockets and therefore fits optimally into existing or future IoT infrastructure.

Innovation Statement

WAMAS® Lighthouse is an intelligent dashboard that gives a detailed overview of an entire fulfillment operation and includes a mobile app where users can login from any remote location. Best of all, distribution centers can set-up key performance indicators and get real-time data from sensors to either trigger alerts or to measure order throughput as well as tap into historical data.


A clear view into how operations are running at any given time is key when trying to maximize revenue, streamline fulfillment processes, and reduce maintenance costs.


Posted Date 1/18/19
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