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Summary of Innovation

Eagle Eye yard management software provides a complete suite of yard management tools to increase efficiencies, streamline operations and reduce costs in the yard. The significant industry advancements include greater yard visibility, 'at a glance' enterprise visibility, intuitive user screens, advanced smart yard technology and a system that is simple to learn and easy to use. This year were excited to add four game changing innovations to improve your bottom line and make your job easier. These include the YMS Carrier Communication Portal, Reefer Monitoring System, Automatic Gate Entry System and New Yard Automation Systems. Our Eagle Eye software has and will unequivocally revolutionize the overall efficiency of your Distribution Centers, Manufactures, Import/Export and Transloading Yard Facilities.

Innovation Statement

Eagle Eye's immense visibility, realistic yard views and simplistic functionality delivers a level of useable information never before seen in our industry. Significant reductions in workload are realized when Eagle Eye’s 'at a glance' technology is further enhanced in its Multi-Facility interface where the same visibility and functionality is delivered across an entire enterprise. Eagle Eye’s Smart Yard functions, Automated Gate Entry System and Yard Automation Systems can significantly reduce workload and human error as they automate and manage the flow of trailer movements into, around and out of the yard based on user set criteria. The Carrier Communication Portal manages communications with carriers sending updates as trailers are loaded or empty as well as allowing carriers to make their own appointments and view their specific equipment status on their Carrier Eagle View screen.


Eagle Eye significantly increases yard efficiencies and reduces operating costs by delivering up to the minute visibility and analytics on all assets, shipments and workforce activities in the yard and across the enterprise. Eagle Eye also provides managers with the critical information they need to make informed decisions on the execution of yard processes.

The YMS Carrier Portal is packed full of tools to Automate Carrier Communications and make your job easier. Carriers that receive your approval can have access to a Custom Carrier Eagle View displaying their specific equipment in the yard, its location, shipment details and status. Carriers can access Carrier Current Inventory Reporting and System Generated Emails are sent to notify carriers when trailers are empty, loaded and ready for pick-up. Customer driven permissions set the tone in the carriers appointment scheduling system that allows approved carriers to login and set their own appointments.

YMS Gate Automation removes the need for personnel at the gate. Information for arriving and departing shipments is preloaded at the gate through the YMS Appointment Schedule. As drivers arrive and depart from the facility, they simply enter their respective appointment number into a kiosk at the gate. The YMS system will gather any needed information, assign a parking spot, open the gate and update Eagle View with the arriving shipments parking location.

The YMS Reefer Management System provides a simple, easy and cost-effective system to monitor reefer temperatures and fuel levels. When a trailer arrives at the gate the fuel level and temperature is recorded into the system. Fuel Level Timers are set based on predetermined time periods for each fuel entry. Temperature Levels are preset in the system for each customer and their respective product temperature requirements. If the trailer is not unloaded or refueled in the specified time period or If a temperature is entered at the gate or during a yard check that is outside of the acceptable range for the specific customers product the system will send an alert, email and display the trailer as bouncing red on the Eagle View screen.

Yard Automation can manage, prioritize and direct your inbound, in-yard and outbound asset movements based on your rules. Auto Route Shipments to Specific Doors and Spots, Prioritize Shipment Activity based on first in first out, Rankings, Priority and Schedules, Auto Direct Dray Driver, Spotter and Shuttle Asset Movements, Manage Rail and Steamship Line Activities, Maintain Trailer Pool Levels, and Manage Intermodal Activities.


Posted Date 1/18/19
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