The Locus Robotics User Gamification Experience

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Summary of Innovation

The Locus Robotics Gamification feature advances the capabilities of Locus’s autonomous robotic solution and is designed to both improve the working experience for human employees, while also maximizing productivity and throughput for retail and 3PL customers. Using real-time order picking data, the Gamification feature - the first of its kind to hit the market - creates fun and engaging competitions that motivate, inspire, and reward warehouse workers who achieve higher order fulfillment productivity levels. Warehouse workers can now participate and actively monitor, in real time, their individual performance, and compare it to that of their peers to earn team and individual awards during the workday.

Gamification events can easily be created to measure performance, either individually or in teams, on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Workers can easily track their performance using the on-board LocusBot screen which showcases new dynamic leaderboards and rankings.

Innovation Statement

The Locus Robotics User Gamification Experience is the industry’s first and only feature specifically developed to use actual, real-time order fulfillment data to help motivate and incentivize human employees to reach greater levels of productivity.


Hiring and retaining employees is critical in today’s fierce fulfillment marketplace, and the Locus Robotics User Gamification Experience allows Locus’s global network of 3PL and retail customers to develop and implement engaging incentive programs, such as pay-for-performance (PFP), to dynamically motivate and celebrate the accomplishments of their employees.

Posted Date 1/18/19
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