Top Off Auto-Charging by Locus Robotics

Posted by Locus Robotics (booth # S3212)

Summary of Innovation

Locus Robotics continues to enhance the productivity and throughput capabilities of their industry-leading autonomous warehouse robotics solution with the introduction of dynamic “Top Off” Auto-Charging. This innovative functionality uses proprietary Locus software to automatically recognize slow order times throughout the day, and then directs robots to re-charge - or “top off”, at those critical moments to ensure that all robots are at optimal charge states during peak operational periods. This capability significantly minimizes the downtime of LocusBots, particularly during peak daytime periods, compared to competing systems.

Innovation Statement

Locus’s Top Off Auto-Charging innovation is the industry’s first dynamic and automatic charging system that ensures that the company’s autonomous, mobile robots - LocusBots - are always charged to optimal charging states, eliminating downtime to ensure that retail and 3PL customers are achieving maximum productivity and throughput during the workday.


Top-Off Auto Charging has been successfully deployed at the warehouse sites of 20+ Locus customers across the country, and ensures that they are each reaching maximum fulfillment productivity and throughput every day, regardless of warehouse size, order volume, or product type (the solution is actively being used to pick orders for business in the retail, automotive parts, medical device sectors, and more).

Posted Date 1/18/19
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