Sliding Dunnage Solution

Posted by ORBIS Corporation (booth # S1222)

Summary of Innovation

Protective dunnage is used within or in conjunction with reusable totes or bulk containers to better protect and present parts in the industrial supply chain. ORBIS has designed a unique sliding dunnage system to provide superior protection, while reducing time needed to remove separate dunnage layers after parts have been presented at the assembly line. The system is comprised of a frame, multiple rails and hanging fabric bags. The frame fits within a standard rigid bulk container and is configured with the rails and the fabric bags, which are industrial sewn to withstand rugged use.

This sliding dunnage system is revolutionary because it is not bolted to the bulk container. This allows easy removal and transfer of the system if the host container needs to be changed. In addition, the rail system includes multiple assembly holes so the system can be adjusted to accommodate more layers, diverse product shapes, different part sizes and new pack-out configurations. A wide-variety of sizes are available, from
48” x 45” to 78’” x 48”.

Other advantages of the sliding dunnage solution include:
• Reliable sliding performance with easy slide technology that prevents rust build-up on the rails. Ensures the rails won’t degrade over time.
• Reduced labor needed to remove layers at the assembly line, with a vertical orientation of the fabric bags. The next layer is easily accessible by sliding fabric bags, versus entirely removing a layer.

Innovation Statement

The sliding dunnage solution offers protection for larger industrial parts, improved pack density and hassle-free part presentation. When full, part presentation is easy with a slide of the dunnage and when empty, the system can be returned for part replenishment or re-configured for a new part design.


Overall, this sliding dunnage system offers advantages to increase packaging versatility over its service life and can be easily re-purposed for different part shapes and sizes.


Posted Date 2/12/19
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Category Best New Innovation

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