To help buyers find the specific products and services they need, ProMat 2019 will organize exhibits into function-specific Solution Centers:

Manufacturing & Assembly

Exhibiting in this center positions your material handling, logistics and supply chain solutions for those intent on finding more efficient products for manufacturing and assembly operations.

Fulfillment & Delivery

Whether your business is focused on order fulfillment, order picking and packaging, third-party logistics, warehousing, distribution or transportation, the Fulfillment & Delivery Solutions Center is the ideal location for your booth.

Information Technology

Many attendees will be looking for information technology (IT) solutions and consulting services that support or are integrated with manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and supply chain processes. If your company provides IT and supply chain solutions, put your product in front of IT buyers by exhibiting here.

The Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center is designed to educate and provide resources to build awareness of what the material handling and logistics industry has to offer and is the location of the educational sessions. Your company may consider sponsoring one or more of the educational seminars being held in theaters positioned in the Knowledge Center and offered free to attendees. Share your industry-specific experience, build brand awareness and stand out in an ever- expanding and changing marketplace.

Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions

Supply chain sustainability is a top priority for leading firms and this is the area of the show floor where buyers come to find solutions to reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint of their operations. These solutions include alternative and renewable energy and fuel systems, recyclable packaging and shipping materials, energy efficient lighting, high volume/low speed (HVLS) fans, energy efficient equipment and sensors, daylighting technologies, sustainable facility planning, power regeneration technologies.

Emerging Technology

Robotics, sensors, augmented reality wearables, automated storage and retrieval systems, self-guided and autonomous vehicles, driverless trucks, drones and Industrial Internet of Things, blockchain, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence technologies.