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Leo Pallet Wrapping Robot
The smallest yet fully functionally Pallet Wrapping System available today. If space is the issue, this is the system. Meant for the low to medium volume who is tired of wrapping pallets by hand.
Leonardo SP Pallet Wrapping Robot
The newest entry into the Leonardo Pallet Wrapping Robots from Italidibipack. With the ability to wrap 140+ pallets on a single charge, 200% PPS as an available option, simple, yet sophisticated.
Leonardo TS Pallet Wrapping Robot
Long the mainstay in Pallet Wrapping Systems from Italdibipack, this small but gentle giant is equipped with 100% PPS and wraps in 29 inches from the pallet in any direction, unmatched by any system on the market today.
The Swing, the one step sealing and shrinking solution with unmatched rivals. Made from a techno-polymer from AG Bayer, it offers technological advancements in electrical insulation, material hardness and chemical inertia to just name a few.


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Since 1975, at the forefront of packaging, heat-shrink sealing and wrapping, packing, pallet wrapping and end-line packaging at an international level. A unique range of complete packaging products and solutions, supported and guaranteed by a world-class brand, with a strong background of unmatched direct application experiences.

Innovation Award

INNOVATIVE HIGH-TECHNOLOGY PATENTED DEVICES TELESCOPIC MAST PAT ELECTRIC MANOEUVRING SYSTEM PAT A little big genius capable of stretch wrapping loads of any weight and size and still more... 100% smaller working area than most robots because used with restricted space and when not required it can be moved away and the free space used for another purpose. LITTLE THANKS TO: - RESTRICTED WORKING AREA - COMPACT OVERALL DIMENSIONS AND ...

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