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FastFetch is a technology leader providing innovative solutions in the distribution industry. By blending light-directed picking and placement strategies with voice and
barcode scanning technologies, FastFetch has pioneered a variety of multimodal order-fulfillment systems that can be tailored to individual customer needs. Ideal applications include eCommerce, store replenishment, piece picking, reverse logistics and kitting and sequencing for assembly line manufacturing.
FastFetch will demonstrate its new “Shipping Cost Optimization System” in which shipping volume can typically be reduced by 30% - resulting in ROI savings payback periods of less than 3 months! Using FastFetch’s proprietary cubing (cartonization) algorithm, the system enables packers to quickly access a large number of carton sizes (e.g. 40 – 100) without holding a large inventory of premade cartons. The system also includes carton replenishment in which consumed cartons are quickly replaced at pack station.


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Shipping Cost Optimization System
UPS, FedEx and other small parcel carriers changed rates a few years ago to be heavily dependent on carton dimensions. Consequently, shipping excessive amounts of air in cartons significantly increases shipping costs. FastFetch developed a closed-loop Shipping Cost Optimization System that uses clever AI techniques to reduce shipping costs by typically 10% - 30%. The system enables a company to pack orders using a large number of carton sizes (e.g., ...

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