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Industrial Scales and Catchweighers – Our portfolio of industrial scales includes:
Entry-level products: EC-M "Smalls" and EC-M EVO
- Excellent price-performance ratio
- Medium transport speeds with good weighing accuracy
Mid-range products: EC-M-SL
- Weighs parcels up to 60 kg
- Capture speeds up to 3.4 m/sec
High-performance products: HC-SL series
- All of the EC-M-SL plus
- Weighing accuracy of +/- 5g* with a low noise level of 65db or less
Multi-Scale configurations: HC-FL-2 and HC-FL-T
- NTEP certified solutions
- Transport speeds up to 2.4 m/s (670 FPM) with small product gaps
- Two or three single-interval scales
Letter scales – The world’s fasted letter scale
- Throughput rate up to 60,000 items per hour
- Multi-lane configurations available
DWS Systems
Captures parcel dimensions, weights, and bar code label information
Package weigh range up to 120 kg
Transport speed up to 2.9 m/s
Available in a wide variety of configurations ideal for CEP jobs

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Transportation and Warehousing

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Ben Raham
Regional Sales Manager, M&L

Corbyn Ward
Project Manager, M&L


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