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Trelleborg Wheel Systems is a leading global supplier of tires and complete wheels for the materials handling industry, ground support equipment and ports and harbors. We offer highly specialized solutions to create added value for customers and users. We are a partner of all leading Original Equipment Manufacturers and a key player in servicing the aftermarket.

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Pneumatic Tires
We offer pneumatic forklift tires suitable for critical applications in demanding environments with multiple shifts. Our state-of-the-art construction and casing allow forklifts to carry greater load with maximum stability and performance.
Press On Tires
Our press-on tires are designed to provide maximum comfort, wear and energy efficiency. Our tires are built to deliver the best heat resistance performance in their class. We invest in compounding technology and quality raw materials to ensure exceptional heat resistance. Combined these allow our tires to cope safely with heat build-up longer.
Resilient Tires
Our premium resilient tires feature the Pit Stop Line wear indicator to ensure that users get maximum whole-life value from their choice. By knowing when to replace the tire at the right time, users are able to keep downtime to the minimum.


Trelleborg's Innovation
Knowing when to replace industrial tires is critical, that's why Trelleborg has developed an innovation for our premium range tires that allow operators and fleet managers to know when exactly to replace their tires - we call this innovation the "Pit Stop Line".

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