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OTTO™ Motors designs, manufactures and operates self-driving vehicles to automate material movement inside busy factories and warehouses. OTTO is a self-driving vehicle, like the Google Car, but it’s built for industrial material movement jobs like bringing raw materials to the line, cross docking pallets, and moving parts between processes. OTTO can reduce or eliminate FTE labour spend on low-value work through innovative and flexible automation so you can redeploy those workers to higher-impact jobs.

Unlike legacy material handling automation technologies, like conveyors or automated guided vehicles, OTTO uses AI and advanced sensors to react and avoid people, obstacles, and equipment to deliver materials with increased velocity and reliability. Because OTTO does not require any fixed infrastructure, a fleet can be easily deployed in brownfield operations while maintaining flexibility in your floor plan now, and into the future.


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OTTO™ OMEGA is the world’s first truly self-driving lift truck. With a very powerful AI at its core, OTTO OMEGA is wired for work and capable of learning new skills and how to do new jobs with every software update. Today, OTTO OMEGA can do 3 jobs very well: autonomous floor-to-floor deliveries, semi-autonomous mode and floor-to-rack interaction. Unique features and benefits that are guaranteed with OTTO OMEGA are safety, intelligence and ...

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