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PowerHandling Inc. has provided innovative, compact and ergonomic material handling solutions for nearly 20 years. Our ultra-compact, high torque machines can move everything from cylindrical rolls and reels up to commercial aircraft and even a 650,000 lb. hydroelectric plant valve! This is all possible by using our high-torque ‘barely larger than a shoe box’ battery operated movers.
PowerHandling provides many material handling solutions such as; roll movers, pallet jacks, cart movers, walkie's, stackers and other Class III options.
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Power Cart H-Series - Industrial Cart Mover
Introducing the PowerCart H-Series: a compact, highly maneuverable industrial cart mover. The PCH combines the hydraulic lift system of a manual jack with a unique, quick-connect hitch system and the POWERPALLET 2000 drive system…together creating a fast, powerful, easy-to-use and highly maneuverable cart mover. The PowerCart H-Series can be customized to fit nearly any type of industrial cart in the market using it’s patent pended, quick connect-hitch ...

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