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Locus Robotics transforms your ecommerce fulfillment productivity with our powerful and intelligent autonomous mobile robotics solution. Working collaboratively alongside workers, Locus autonomous mobile robots dramatically improve productivity 2x-3x increasing fulfillment rates and lowering cycle times by maximizing order volume while minimizing unproductive walking time.

This industry-leading solution helps 3PLs and retailers efficiently meet and exceed the increasingly complex and demanding ecommerce fulfillment environments, easily integrating into existing warehouse infrastructures without disrupting workflows. For case studies and more information, visit

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Locus Picking Process for improved productivity
Find out how the top global 3PLs and retailers rely on Locus to deliver 2x - 3x productivity with the worlds leading autonomous mobile robots from Locus
Simply Pick Faster with Locus Robotics
Learn how Locus Robotics' autonomous mobile robots will improve your productivity 2X-3X, increase order accuracy, and increase worker satisfaction.


Locus Robotics - Cyberweek 2018
During Cyberweek 2018, fulfillment warehouses picked over 1.4 million units and 6 million units through the end of the year.


Collaborative Robots and the Supply Chain of the Future 4/10/2019 11:30 AM 12:15 PM Emerging Technologies & Sustainability Theater

Innovation Award

Locus Dynamic Congestion Management System (DCMS)
The groundbreaking Locus Dynamic Congestion Management System (DCMS) is a critical enhancement to the company’s advanced, comprehensive autonomous robotics solution, and implements proprietary software that tracks and actively manages the fleet of robots' travel paths through the warehouse. DMS is designed to minimize traffic congestion and optimize operational flow to achieve significantly higher productivity and picking speed.
The Locus Robotics User Gamification Experience
The Locus Robotics Gamification feature advances the capabilities of Locus’s autonomous robotic solution and is designed to both improve the working experience for human employees, while also maximizing productivity and throughput for retail and 3PL customers. Using real-time order picking data, the Gamification feature - the first of its kind to hit the market - creates fun and engaging competitions that motivate, inspire, and reward warehouse workers ...
Top Off Auto-Charging by Locus Robotics
Locus Robotics continues to enhance the productivity and throughput capabilities of their industry-leading autonomous warehouse robotics solution with the introduction of dynamic “Top Off” Auto-Charging. This innovative functionality uses proprietary Locus software to automatically recognize slow order times throughout the day, and then directs robots to re-charge - or “top off”, at those critical moments to ensure that all robots are at optimal charge ...

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