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Siena's vendor-agnostic software helps retailers quickly identify, diagnose, and resolve issues for high-volume logistics operations by providing instant access to package and label data and images for improved maintenance, diagnostics, and workflow optimizations. Maintenance, operations, and engineering all work more effectively using one application to access data and images for packages and labels from all your operations. Siena Insights has years of experience processing package data and images for millions of packages a day. Our software meets the stringent security requirements of Fortune 500 companies. Our software integrates easily with data and images regardless of the vendor or source: weigh station data, dimensioning systems, or scan images. Increase read-rates, reduce station down time, and automate more manual steps. Visit us at booth #6659, by calling 508-346-3796, or by visiting our website

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Siena Insights
1256 West Central St., Suite 3
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Phone: 508.346.3796

John Dwinell
President and CEO