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PORTLAND, ME — The Dandy Lift™ line of lifter/transporters from Southworth Products Corp make work faster, safer, and easier in all industries.
For over 30 years, Dandy Lifts have set the standard for quality, performance, and overall value in foot-pump hydraulic lifter/transporters.  Their hydraulics offer infinite height adjustment (within range) with a 20:1 mechanical advantage.  All Dandy Lifts are packed with features including:
  • A “Multi-Grip” Position Handle with sure-grip cushioning and gentle contours that allow users to pick the most comfortable hand position for what they are doing — pushing, pulling, maneuvering, or raising loads.
  • A “Qwik-Grip” Lowering Handle with an oversized, open-triangle design that makes it accessible from almost any position behind or beside the Dandy Lift.
  • A 180° Access Foot Pedal with a large, open-loop design that allows it to be pumped from different angles at the rear or side of the unit while providing solid contact regardless of footwear.
Dandy Lifts are available in seven models with a wide range of capacities (330 to 1,760 lbs.), lifting heights (29” to 49.8”), and platform sizes (17.7” x 28” to 23.6” x 39.4”).  Configurations include single-scissor, double-scissor, high-lift, and heavy-duty.  A low-profile model has a platform that descends to 3.2” from the floor and is available with forks for use with skids and plastic pallets.  All units feature steerable caster-type wheels; parking locks; and attractive, colorful, enamel-and-chrome finishes.
Also available from Southworth Products is the Powered Dandy Lift, which lifts and lowers at the touch of a button thanks to a 24-volt battery.  Powered Dandy Lifts are available in five models with capacities from 220 to 500 lbs., platform sizes of 20” x 31.5” and 24” x 36”, and raised heights to 51”.
For more information, contact Brian E. McNamara, President, Southworth Products Corp, P.O. Box 1380, Portland, ME 04104-1380, TEL: (207) 878-0700, FAX: (207) 797-4734, e-mail:,

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