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PORTLAND, ME - E-Z Reach Portable Container Tilters from Southworth Products Corp eliminates bending, stretching, and unnecessary lifting in the feeding or offloading of parts or products from or to containers.  The improved accessibility to items in totes, baskets and gaylords not only increases worker productivity but also reduces the risk of back injury.
Available for use with either AC or DC power and with a capacity of either 2,000 or 4,000 pounds, this hydraulic unit tilts wire or plastic baskets, totes, gaylords or other large containers toward the user (up to 85 degrees with the push of a button.  The DC model comes standard with an on-board battery charger.
Equipped with front rollers and rear swivel casters, the ergonomic E-Z Reach is easily pushed from one location to another, and its 40” forks pick up staged containers.  A straddle-style model is available for containers with leg-reinforcing bars.  The push handle swivels out of the way when the E-Z Reach is in the desired position, and a floor lock keeps the unit steady during use.  
For more information, contact Brian E. McNamara, President, Southworth Products Corp., P.O. Box 1380, Portland, Maine 04104-1380, TEL: (207) 878-0700, FAX: (207) 797-4734, e-mail: salesinfo@southworthproducts.com, www.SouthworthProducts.com

For more information please contact:

Mr Brian McNamara - Advisor
Southworth Products
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P.O. Box 1380, Portland, ME 04104

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