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PORTLAND, ME — With a turntable that is essentially level with the top platform, Flush-Mount Turntable Lifts from Southworth Products Corp can be lowered as close to the floor as lifts without a turntable; or when pit-mounted, can bring the turntable to actual floor level. The inclusion of the integrated turntable allows workers to spin the load for better access without reaching, stretching or walking around the lift.
Because the turntable is recessed into the platform, there is no overhang, and off center load and roll over capacity remains the same as for lifts without turntables.  Flush-Mount Turntable Lifts are available in capacities of 2,500 or 4,000 lbs. with turntable diameters of 23” or 40”.
All recessed turntable lifts feature the Southworth “Comfort Edge” for operator convenience and safety.
For more information, contact Brian E. McNamara, President, Southworth Products Corp, P.O. Box 1380, Portland, ME 04104-1380, TEL: (207) 878-0700, FAX: (207) 797-4734, e-mail: salesinfo@southworthproducts.com, www.SouthworthProducts.com.

For more information please contact:

Mr Brian McNamara - Advisor
Southworth Products
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P.O. Box 1380, Portland, ME 04104

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