MHI Overhead Alliance Launches New Overhead Lifting Blog


Overhead Alliance to Deliver Latest News and Technology Trends on Overhead Lifting Solutions

MHI recently launched a blog that concentrates on overhead lifting solutions. The MHI Overhead Alliance, comprised of members of CMAA, MMH and HMI affiliated trade associations of MHI collaborated created this new informational and news resource for manufacturing and supply chain professionals. 
Overhead lifting solutions improve efficiency, productivity and safety and reduces environmental impact. New technology has made overhead lifting solutions easier and more productive to use than ever before. Advancements include enhanced precision speed controls, wireless operation and predictive maintenance which results in longer lasting equipment.
Overhead lifting:
--Reduces product damage
--Improves workflow and reduces space requirements
--Reduces lifting and transporting accidents
--Improves workplace health and safety
--Lowers costs through improved load handling efficiency
--Is a green solution that reduces the carbon footprint of your facility
The Overhead Lifting Blog will feature regular updates from industry experts on the latest trends and technologies in this space. The MHI Overhead Alliance will also distribute a monthly newsletter featuring the latest news on these topics. Interested parties can view the blog and sign up for the newsletter at

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